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Redesigned PipeWIZARD™ iX Automated Girth Weld Inspection System Is More Compact, Powerful and Easier to Deploy

February 26, 2024

WALTHAM, Mass., (February 27, 2024) A mainstay girth weld inspection solution for over a decade, the PipeWIZARD™ iX automated ultrasonic testing (AUT) system has been optimized to redefine pipeline weld joint assessments. Building upon the ruggedness and reliability of its field-proven predecessor, the PipeWIZARD™ iX system’s redesign sets a new standard for ease of operation and adaptability. It has also been updated with more powerful and versatile data acquisition technology, increasing the efficiency and reliability of phased array (PA) inspections of circumferential pipeline welds.

Easier Installation and Operation

The new PipeWIZARD iX system boasts a streamlined design that makes it easier to operate, handle and carry. Thanks to its lighter, easy-swivel umbilical, optimized clamping mechanism and more compact scanner with integrated data acquisition instrument, the system has never been simpler to set up and operate, saving valuable time in the field.  

Improved Hardware Flexibility

The PipeWIZARD iX system offers additional umbilical length options, quick-latching connectors and configurable probe modules, capable of holding up to 12 probes. This flexibility enables girth weld inspectors to adapt the system to different requirements and on-site conditions.

More Powerful Technology for Higher Productivity

The new QuickScan iX PA 64:256 data acquisition instrument features more powerful electronics and more input channels, unleashing the full potential of the PipeWIZARD iX system. These hardware enhancements introduce the capacity to support the complex firing patterns required for advanced ultrasonic techniques such as the total focusing method (TFM).

Easier-to-Use Inspection and Analysis Software

The PipeWIZARD iX companion software offers sophisticated tools, including embedded ES BeamTool software, a calibration block designer and assisted analysis. Thoughtfully designed to align with key girth weld inspection requirements, the software’s intuitive interface and smart automation functionalities increase the efficiency of the inspection and analysis workflow.

Accessible and Versatile Data

The QuickScan iX PA acquisition unit saves data files in an open file format, providing users the accessibility and flexibility required to perform custom software development so they can tailor the analysis to their specific needs.

The PipeWIZARD iX automated ultrasonic testing system is a game-changer in the world of pipeline girth weld inspection. Its ease of operation and on-site efficiency, powerful technology, improved hardware flexibility and advanced analysis software make it a comprehensive solution that meets the high productivity demands of circumferential weld critical assessments during pipeline construction.

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