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The DP75 Digital Microscope Camera Empowers Microscopic Discoveries and Inspections

November 07, 2023
Our new DP75 digital microscope camera is breaking new ground in microscopic imaging! Users can now capture brightfield or wide-wavelength fluorescence images using a single color camera. And that’s just the beginning. Check out the press release for details about this high-end camera’s new features.

Evident Aligns Business Unit Structure to Best Meet Customer Needs

November 01, 2023
Evident was established as a standalone company in April 2023, comprising the former Scientific Solutions business of Olympus, marking a significant milestone in the development of our new company.

Elevate Your Imaging with New FLUOVIEW™ Laser Scanning Microscope Systems

October 31, 2023
Introducing the FLUOVIEW™ FV4000 confocal laser scanning microscope and FV4000MPE multiphoton laser scanning microscope—groundbreaking advancements in imaging technology that empower researchers to make new scientific discoveries. Learn about all the new features and functions in the press release.

EVIDENT Upgrades LEXT OLS5100 Laser Scanning Microscope Software to Enhance Precision and Efficiency in Your Workflow

October 25, 2023
We’ve updated the software for our LEXT OLS5100 laser scanning microscope to streamline experiment management and add helpful new functions to make your experiments faster and efficient. Learn more in the press release.

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